Bobs Jewel Shop employs full-time GIA Gemologists to appraise your jewelry for insurance purposes or cash value. For a modest fee, we complete a full assessment as well as the certified paperwork to satisfy your insurance company

When appraising fine jewelry, we require the appropriate time to access, measure, and document your jewelry piece. Please bring your jewelry items into the store to receive an exact price quote for the appraisal and a timeline. We aim to process your treasured jewelry as quickly as possible.

Up-to-date appraisal values offer the current value of your fine jewelry pieces, which is crucial if your jewelry is lost, damaged, or stolen. Ideal times to reappraise or update appraisal paperwork are during a relocation or move, during a life change such as a marriage, divorce, etc, or when you change insurance policies. We are also accustomed to performing appraisals for estate liquidation, will and/or trust preparation, donations, etc

No appointment is necessary when bringing your fine jewelry in for appraisals.

The prices on the website may differ from the actual sale price. Please note that Bob's Jewel Shop is not liable for incorrect pricing on the website.
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