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  1. SKU 86354:SAS60000:SASP
    Silver Bead Rosary Bracelet

  2. SKU 86349:SAS60000:SASP
    Rosary Bracelet

  3. SKU 80822:SAS74731:SASP
    14K White 10 mm Round Bracelet Slide
  4. SKU 80815:SAS74564:SASP
    14K Yellow 15x9 mm Marquise Bracelet Slide
  5. SKU 650121:SAS101:SASP
    14K Yellow Butterfly Design 7" Bracelet
  6. SKU 650111:SAS101:SASP
    14K Yellow Heart Design 7" Bracelet
  7. SKU 650102:SAS601:SASP
    14K Rose Floral-Inspired Bracelet
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